• NASM  performance enhancement specialist/certified personal trainer

  • CrossFit L1 Certified

  • USA Weight lifting coach

  • Texas Aacademy of Sports Medicine- Certified football strength and conditioning specialist


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  • 17 year experience as a strength coach. 

  • American Council of Exercise- certified personal trainer

  • All American Athelte

  • USA national team athlete

  • 2003 Texas Strongest man

  • Former chairman for North American Strongman in Texas



  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer​

  • Run Specialist

  • TRX Qualified Trainer

  • Specializes in wrestling and other youth athletics programs

  • Certified CPR/ FIrst Aid/ AED

Eli is also an Elite OCR Athlete and marathon runner. Most of Eli's time spent outside the gym is spent on a body of water waiting for a large kitty to smash his bait. 



  • Movement Specialist

  • Family Fitness

  • Veteran's Night

  • Personal Training

  • BS in Fitness and Human Performance Emphasis on science

  • TRX functional movement & group qualified

  • CPR/AED certified

Chris works closely with local veterans groups and is a vet himself. He has competed in multiple Tough Mudder competitions and trains strongman. He specializes in functional movement 


Shiela Burnikell 

  • As most of my friends in my Crossfit community know, I always love and enjoy Crossfit more than any other type of fitness regimen.  I’ve avidly trained in different kinds of fitness regimens but nothing compares to the benefits and the apparent progress I’ve gained as an athlete by doing “constantly varied functional movement executed in high intensity” which is the very soul of Crossfit.  I’ve been a crossfitter since 2015 and this sport of fitness has afforded me tremendous opportunities to stay on top of my game in the field of health and fitness as well as open doors to test myself as an athlete by competing in many different Crossfit competitions, meet different people that share the same passion I have, and most of all, help others in their fitness journey.  I am an educator by profession so putting both my training as a teacher and my passion and knowledge in Crossfit, gives me that insatiable desire to use my coaching acumen to help people get better and feel better each day they show up in the gym and embrace that new level of fitness experience to make it part of their lifestyle.  Winning in a competition is great but helping people achieve the goals they thought are beyond reach is far more rewarding; and coaching is a great avenue to satiate that passion.  I can’t wait to be part of your successful fitness journey! 

  • Crossfit Level 1 Certified

  • Secondary Teacher (M.A. Language Teaching)

  • And most importantly, a mother of two. :-)